Wear Street

Description: People might say that the era of the megaclub is over, but those people have never been to Wear Street. The neon-lit strip hosts a dozen A-list clubs, five of which occupy more than 15,000 square feet each. The largest, Gauge, has over 10,000 square feet of dance floor alone. Each of the clubs caters to a distinct musical and nightlife subculture, including Latin, hip-hop, house, country and Top 40. As well, one of the mega-clubs is branded distinctly as gay, making nightlife options more than just a simple choice of musical genre. Wear Street is a traffic nightmare but a clubgoer’s wonderland from Thursday through Sunday, and well policed by the city, which charges nightclubs an additional fee for their liquor licenses.

Background: Hip neighborhoods change almost overnight, but with the money that’s been poured into Wear Street’s facades and interiors over the past nine years, the place has at least a good decade left in it.

Rack: Wear Street is an open Rack, any member of the Domain may hunt there. Note that the Domain includes The Invictus, the Lancea Sanctum, the Ordo Dracul and any Independents who acknowledge the sovereignty of the Prince. (i.e. not the Carthians

Ruling Covenant: The Invictus

Regent: The Rack has no regent. A Rack is a location of open feeding. A regent is a vampire with power to restrict feeding over the area. The two are mutually exclusive.

Notable Locations:

Notable Events:

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Wear Street

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