Description: The strip of land along the coast and the small island at the mouth of the Black River is a quaint, faded urban coastline with neglected chain stores and lackluster attractions. Waterbank used to be a popular tourist destination and sightseeing locale, but now it’s a declining shopping are with a handful of water- and beach-themed junk shops to give it a sense of local flavor. The beaches of Waterbank are mostly red clay, but sunbathers occasionally venture out to where the dark waves lap at the shore. A handful of moderately affordable apartments dot the coastline, but those who live in them pay primarily for location and few other amenities.

Background: From the 1920s to the 1940s, Waterbank was a popular vacation spot. A brief period of bad fishing harvests all but closed the area down for almost a decade, but then it reopened in the mid-1950s. Its resurgence lasted for two decades, but Waterbank lost most of its local flavor, instead being a beachfront market for Gap-like stores and casual dining chain restaurants. Waterbank never recovered from that second burst of capitalistic grandeur, and those stores still remain, slowly accumulating sea-grime and memories.

Ruling Covenant: Technically Waterbank falls under Invictus hegemony, but no one really cares enough about the place to deal with it.

Regent: None

Notable Locations: Site of many sacrifices and rituals by The Cult of the Deep.

Notable Events: First meeting of Vincent King and Sean Owens.

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