Henry Morgan


Go to any museum in the area and you’ll see exhibits dedicated to legendary settler and pioneer Henry Morgan. He tamed the wilderness. He drove out the French and the Indians (most of Newcastle’s museums aren’t modern enough to say Native Americans). He built the city with his own two hands.

What they won’t tell you is how he drove out the werewolves, fought the imperial ambitions of European vampires and made the city into a haven for the undead.

Morgan was one of the key players that took the city from the Lancea Sanctum in the 1800s. Since then he has been one of, if not the, most powerful people in Newcastle. Some believe his influence may out weigh the Prince’s. Though if this is true, why has he never claimed the Praxis himself? Conspiracy theories abound.

Morgan is regent of Nobility Hill, the richest of the upper class districts. His vassals control many of the wealthiest and most powerful areas in the city.

Henry Morgan

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