Vincent King

The star that burns twice as bright burns half as long


Vincent King was the next big thing in kindred society. His one man war against the darkness brought him fame, influence, respect, and ultimately death.

King began his crusade when his sire was abducted by a cult that believed that they could gain immortality through drinking her blood. When he finally found her she had been driven mad by the ritualistic torment of the cultists. Vincent quickly disposed of the cult and in doing so realized there was more to life as a vampire than attending parties and seducing women in nightclubs. He dedicated his requiem to hunting the dark things in the cracks of the Danse Macabre: cults, monsters, revenants and the stranger things that lurk in the shadows.

At first his quest was greeted with subtle mockery and laughter concealed behind the backs of hands, but then he began to get results. His network of contacts in both the Invictus and the Carthian Movement gave him unparalleled intelligence on the movements of the darker side of Newcastle. Over the months he built a coterie of like minded individuals from across kindred society.

However his success did not come without enemies. On a mission against Belial’s Brood Vincent fell, not by the hands of the Brood, but rather a mysterious sniper. Who killed him and why remains to be seen…

Vincent King

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