Newcastle, NY, a city of 350,000 situated on the Hudson River below West Point. A key location in colonial and revolutionary history. Once a shining light among the cities of the East Coast, Newcastle has sunk under decades of corruption and decay. While the elite mingle in their vast mansions and posh penthouses, the slums simmer with gang violence and political discontent.

Newcastle, City of the Damned, a nexus of clandestine intrigue and politics, of supernatural factions vying for dominance over a city locked in a constant cycle of death and rebirth. A city where the undead stalk the halls of power and cults to old gods flourish in the cracks of society. A city where strange creatures lurk in the sewers, where ancients play intricate chess games with mortal lives as pawns, where dark things stir in their slumber beneath the streets.

The Quick and the Dead